Bridgestone Arena
Nashville, Tennessee
July 17th, 2017
Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves & Booker T

Open: Tonight, secrets will be revealed after weeks of secrets between Corey Graves & RAW General Manager Kurt Angle.

In The Arena: Dean Ambrose heads to the squared circle toting a steel chair, The Lunatic Fringe says the chair’s name is ‘Steely Dan’, states they are both bent out of shape because of The Miz and what happened last week. Ambrose calls The A-Lister to come out and bring The Miztourage with him, takes a seat on the chair, tells Miz if he needs more help than Axel & Dallas, he can bring whoever he wants. Seth Rollins makes his way out instead, The Kingslayer wonders why Dean is picking a fight he can’t win alone, reminds him that he was told to stay out of Ambrose’s business, but The Lunatic Fringe later got involved with his match. Seth thinks Dean needs to take a breath and come up with a better plan, Ambrose tells Rollins that’s his thing, claiming The Architect just happened to be in the ring when he came out. He says this is his battle and tells Seth to beat it, The Kingslayer talks about Miz taking him to task last week and never wanted to get involved, then asks Ambrose if he’s going to stand in his way or by his side. The Lunatic Fringe informs Rollins they’re not brothers, says he had brothers in The Shield that he trusted and stood for something, but he doesn’t know The Architect anymore after he stabbed them in the back. The Kingslayer reminds Dean it was over three years ago and apologizes, reiterates it and claims he has had to live with that choice every day. Seth speaks about the wars they’ve had in the past, the time Ambrose cashed in on him, but it’s all in the past, asking The Lunatic Fringe what it will take for him to move on. Dean acts like he’s not hearing it, Rollins says he will let his actions speak for him, turns his back and tells Ambrose to clock him with the chair. The Lunatic Fringe thinks about it, throws the chair out of the ring and WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz along with The Miztourage come to the stage. The A-Lister mockingly speaks about Rollins & Ambrose working out their emotional issues, tells Seth that Dean will never forgive him, reminding him of Ambrose’s moniker ‘The Lunatic Fringe’. The Miz talks about having Ambrose’s number of late, claims he can’t defeat him on his own, then the champion heads to ringside, sending The Miztourage to surround the squared circle. The A-Lister says he’s brought them a welcoming party to Music City, Miz & The Miztourage all grab chairs of their own, step up to the apron, the champion gets knocked to the floor, but ultimately the odds are too great. Miz drives Ambrose into the steel steps, Axel & Dallas batter Rollins with chair shots in the ring, the champion heads inside, then plants Seth face-first off a seated chair with the Skull Crushing Finale.

Backstage: The Miz & The Miztourage head down the hallway when Charly Caruso tries to stop him for a word, The A-Lister tells her that Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins got all they needed to hear tonight, then they all promptly leave the building.

Match #1: Bayley vs. RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss
They exchange words at the bell and the champion slaps Bayley across the face, The Huggable One gets angered, drives Alexa into the corner and puts the boots to her. The official tries to create separation, Little Miss Bliss seizes the opening to turn the tables, scores with a flurry of her own kicks, then puts the bad-mouth on the ref. Bayley catches her walking back in with double boots, tackles her for a barrage of right hands, Alexa rolls out to the apron and Nia Jax makes her way to ringside as we hit a break….We return and Bliss has Bayley’s arms wrenched behind her switches to a hammerlock, The Huggable One finds her footing, gets arm-whipped back to the canvas and Alexa covers for 2. She continues to work over the left arm, buries a kick to the ribs, stands on Bayley’s back and stomps her face-first into the mat. The champion goes for another kick and this time it’s blocked, The Huggable One leg-whips her face-first to the canvas, side-steps Bliss charging in near the ropes, hangs her over the 2nd rope and delivers a hot shot stunner. She drags Alexa back up and peppers her with forearms, the champion pushes her away to the corner, rushes in and gets dropped face-first off the top turnbuckle. Bayley levels Bliss with a clothesline, sends her to the ropes for a back elbow, tries to scoop her up for a body slam, but her arm gives out. The Huggable One staggers to the corner, catches the champion rushing in with a back elbow, hops to the 2nd rope for a flying back elbow, then plants her with a saito suplex. The Huggable One climbs to the 2nd rope, connects with an elbow drop, Little Miss Bliss rolls outside to take a walk, Bayley tries to pursue, but Nia stops her in her tracks. The champion takes advantage of the distraction and clocks Bayley with a right hand, deposits her back into the squared circle, Sasha Banks sprints down to ringside and ambushes Jax. Nia pushes her away, looks to drive Sasha into the ring post, The Boss slides out of harm’s way, then dropkicks her into the LED board around the apron. Alexa is distracted, gets surprised by a roll-up for a near fall, both ladies pop back up quick and The Huggable One hits the Bayley-To-Belly to finish it.
Winner: Bayley (Bayley-To-Belly)

  • Off The Top: Only a decent match to start the action tonight. I enjoyed our opening segment with Rollins & Ambrose, but I’m not sure I want this to lead to a Shield reunion just yet. I think it would be much more intriguing for Dean to actually turn on Seth and was hoping for it when Rollins turned his back, but I knew it was far-fetched. As for our ladies, it seems like we get some movement during the Superstar Shake-Up and nothing changed on RAW. Remove Charlotte Flair, insert Alexa, it’s still the same women every week and that makes it hard for me to be invested.

Video: Last week, some of the WWE Superstars attended the annual ESPY Awards to honor some of the best from the year in sports. John Cena had the opportunity to present the Jimmy V Award, this year’s recipient Jarrius Robinson. Stephanie McMahon also was awarded the Stuart Scott Award for his work with Connor’s Cure.

Video: A highlight package for ‘The Big Dog’ Roman Reigns, one of the most dominant WWE Superstars of the last three years.

Backstage: RAW General Manager Kurt Angle is with Corey Graves in his office, says he’s having second thoughts and wonders if this is something that shouldn’t be televised. Graves tells Kurt that we live in the age of social media, claims it will get out anyways and believes Angle’s doing the right thing tonight, stating he’s got nothing to be ashamed of. The GM agrees, tells Corey he has been a great friend and it means “so much to the both of us”.

Backstage: Titus O’Neil is with Akira Tozawa & Apollo Crews, reminds Apollo he got his head knocked off two weeks ago by Braun Strowman and last week Tozawa got twisted up by Neville. The Real Deal claims that when the going gets rough, they get rougher, believes next time Akira faces The King of the Cruiserweights he will feel the power, but Ariya Daivari walks in to interrupt. He wonders why Tozawa is begging for rematches, thinks wrestlers should be held to a higher standard and claims he has The Stamina Monster beat last week. Daivari challenges Akira to meet him in the ring so he can finish what he started, Tozawa accepting.

Match #2: The Brian Kendrick & Drew Gulak vs. Mustafa Ali & Gentleman Jack Gallagher
Kendrick & Gallagher will kickoff the action, they have some words and Kendrick tags out, Gentleman Jack ties up with Gulak and gets backed to the ropes. Drew shoots him in, The Extraordinary Gentleman slides underneath, picks the leg, stands on the back of Gulak’s legs and drives his knees into the canvas. Gallagher looks for a cheap shot to Kendrick that misses, Drew makes him pay and clobbers him from behind, knocks Mustafa off the apron and turns around. Gentleman Jack hammers him with uppercuts, Gulak stops the onslaught with a double leg takedown, buries a stomp to the breadbasket, drags him towards his corner, The Extraordinary Gentleman turns over and rolls him away. Gallagher staggers to his feet near the ropes, Drew rushes in and gets elevated over the top, Kendrick makes a blind tag, grabs Gentleman Jack by the hair to prevent him from tagging out, but gets rocked by a headbutt. Mustafa tags in, quickly scales the corner to the top rope, scores with the Inverted 450 Splash and that’s all she wrote.
Winners: Mustafa Ali & Gentleman Jack Gallagher (Mustafa/Inverted 450 Splash)

  • Off The Top: 205 Live has always done a good job of keeping multiple storylines going on at the same time, the problem is that nobody has really cared much about them. I mean, it seems like people are barely interested in what’s going on with the Cruiserweight Title, so it’s not exclusive to your secondary angles. I think fans need to be more patient with 205 Live, it hasn’t even been a year since the show’s inception and sometimes it can only take one hot angle to give things a jump-start. Just pump the brakes on this “Cancel 205 Live” stuff just because Talking Smack got cancelled, that logic makes absolutely no sense at all.

In The Arena: Enzo Amore struts his way down to the ring, speaks about Newton’s third law of an action getting an equal reaction, claims nobody can get the kind of reaction he gets on a microphone, stating he does it knowing full-well the repercussions. Smacktalker Skywalker says sometimes his losses outweigh his assets, talks about how you win some and lose some, but must always fight for what you believe it. He calls out to Big Cass and thinks there was a time when the seven-footer believed in what they were fighting for, but wonders when that faded away, reminding us of how he would put his body on the line to win. Enzo proclaims that Cass’ height didn’t win them any championships, talks about how he got thrown by Big Cass at Great Balls Of Fire, then says he always gets back to his feet like a man. Amore calls for footage of Cass last week to be shown when Big Show confronted the seven-footer and attacked him, Enzo thinks Big Cass is the one writing checks with his mouth that can’t be cashed now, saying the seven-footer folded like a lawn chair. Smacktalker Skywalker claims he would have at least tried instead of retreating like Cass did, claiming there’s only one word to describe him. Big Cass marches out to the stage, blames Corey Graves for everything that’s happened, then heads to the squared circle and thinks Enzo didn’t learn his lesson at Great Balls Of Fire. Cass vows to beat some sense into Amore, hopes he will finally learn to shut his mouth, but Enzo rolls away to the outside. He asks Big Cass if he wants to fight, hops over the barricade and calls for a chair, saying he wants to see what’s about to happen as Big Show walks to the ring. Cass knocks The Giant off the apron, reaches over the ropes to grab him, Big Show cracks him with a headbutt, pulls Big Cass to the floor, then drives him into the barricade multiple times. Cass catches Show with a right hand to the breadbasket, sends him spine-first into the retaining wall, pummels him with heavy fists, The World’s Largest Athlete stops the onslaught with a kick to the ribs, then throws him into the LED board on the apron. The Giant scoops the seven-footer up for a body slam on the floor, drapes him across the apron for a stinging chop, Big Show climbs to the apron after him, but gets pushed back-first into the ring post numerous times. Cass dumps Big Show into the squared circle, buries a kick to the midsection, bludgeons him with more stiff punches, connects with more boots to the abdomen and Enzo slides in from behind. Big Cass sees him coming, lays him out with a big boot and walks off.

Backstage: Roman Reigns prepares for his match tonight when Charly Caruso walks in for comment. The Big Dog claims he’s at his best when the stakes are highest, reminds us he defeated The Undertaker at WrestleMania and tonight he’ll take out Samoa Joe. Roman talks about going on to SummerSlam to face Brock Lesnar, vowing to be the next Universal Champion because it’s his yard.

Backstage: Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins are still arguing in the locker room when Kurt Angle comes in, the GM thinks they both want to get their hands on The Miz & The Miztourage, informing them next week they can take on any two of them. Ambrose wonders why only two, Rollins wants all three and Angle makes it official for next week.

Match #3: ‘The Drifter’ Elias Samson vs. Finn Balor
We return from a commercial break and the bell sounds to start the match, they lock-up and Samson backs Finn to the corner, breaks clean and they tie-up again. Balor gains a waistlock, snapmares The Drifter over for a kick to the spine, then slaps on an armbar. Elias works to a standing position, sends Finn to the ropes for a clothesline that misses, quickly scoops The Demon King up for a body slam and tosses him across the ring. He pummels Balor in the corner, slides outside and drapes him over the apron, drives Finn sternum-first down into the mat, rolls back inside and chokes him across the 2nd rope. Samson drags Balor back up and shoots him to the ropes, levels him with a clothesline, drives a knee into the back, then locks on a full nelson. The Demon King battles back to his feet, takes a knee to the ribs, gets sent to the ropes for a heavy forearm, but fires back with an overhead kick. Both guys stagger to a vertical base, Finn stumbles to the corner, catches The Drifter rushing in with a boot to the chin, then explodes out with multiple running forearms. He charges Elias in the corner for a running chop, hits the ropes for a basement dropkick, corners Samson for more strikes, then looks to whip him across. The Drifter reverses and doubles him back, Finn hops to the 2nd rope, gets caught on Samson’s shoulders, then driven down by a sit-out powerbomb for a 2 count. Elias whips Balor back into the turnbuckles, cracks him with a back suplex backbreaker for a near fall, puts the bad-mouth on Finn and hops to the 2nd rope. The Demon Kick explodes up with an enzuigiri, The Drifter drops to the floor, Balor builds a head of steam for a dropkick through the ropes, steps out to the apron and connects with a soccer kick. He lines Elias up on the floor, deposits him into the barricade with a Shotgun Dropkick, Samson crawls to his guitar, turns around and smashes it over Balor’s head.
Winner: Finn Balor (Disqualification)

  • Post-Match: Bray Wyatt appears on the screen laughing, says he’s been watching Finn and thinks Balor didn’t expect that. The Eater of Worlds talks about the pain on Balor’s face, states that he lives for that look and claims it ignites the fire in his soul, which is thirsty and needs to be satisfied. Wyatt tells Finn he feels the need to put him agony, vows to punish The Demon King, talks about Balor’s ties to Irish mythology, but informs him that he isn’t a myth.
  • Off The Top: Just a solid match that was pretty similar to what we’ve seen from these two before. Reportedly they were finished with each other and I wasn’t sure that would be the case with how the match ended, but it appears the long-rumored Wyatt/Balor feud has now begun. Also, was anyone else wondering when Samson would finally channel his inner Jeff Jarrett and decimate someone with his guitar?

Backstage: Kurt Angle is on the phone in his office talking about his announcement later, Bayley & Sasha Banks walk in and want help with a small disagreement. They both think they deserve to get a shot at the RAW Women’s Title, both remind Angle of how they’ve defeated the champion recently and Kurt tells them they’re both deserving. He claims that they will be the one to make the decision, announcing Sasha & Bayley will meet next week with the winner getting a title shot at SummerSlam.

Backstage: Charly Caruso is standing by with The Revival, Dash says they attacked The Hardy Boyz last week because of who they are and tonight they’ll do the same exact thing. Dawson reminds Charly their shirt says “No Flips, Just Fists”, states nobody’s done more flips over the last 20 years than The Hardys and they have four good fists ready to be used. Wilder speaks of meeting The Hardys and being treated like nobodies, claims tonight they will get the respect they deserve, Dawson saying they don’t care about The Hardys, but tonight The Hardys will care about The Revival.

Match #4: Akira Tozawa w/Titus O’Neil vs. Ariya Daivari
Daivari comes out firing at the bell, Tozawa ducks a right hand, unloads with a flurry of strikes, shoots him to the ropes for a back body drop, but Ariya counters with a sunset flip. The Stamina Monster rolls through it for a soccer kick, looks for the jumping senton, The Persian Lion gets the knees up, then begins going to work on the left shoulder. He snapmares Akira over for a kick to the bad arm, hooks in a modified armbar to grind him down, Tozawa makes it to a standing position, tries to send Daivari to the corner, but it’s reversed into a knee to the ribs. Ariya drives him shoulder-first into the top turnbuckle for a count of 2, starts talking trash as he drags Tozawa to his feet, hits the ropes and Akira explodes up with a hurricanrana. He scores with a kick to the midsection, missed an enzuigiri, slides under The Persian Lion and plants him with a saito suplex. The Stamina Monster heads to the high-rent district, jumps over the top of Daivari and rolls to his feet, walks into an armbreaker and Ariya covers for a near fall. Tozawa crawls towards the corner, The Persian Lion charges in with a knee to the shoulder, still can’t finish it off and puts the boots to him. Titus climbs onto the apron, has some words for the ref and the official calls for the bell.
Winner: Ariya Daivari (Referee Stoppage)

  • Post-Match: Daivari goes outside, grabs a mic and yells out in his native language. Akira looks at the referee in disbelief, stomps off to the back and argues with Titus that he didn’t quit and never does.
  • Off The Top: So, are we building Tozawa to another Cruiserweight Title shot or starting a split with Titus? Where’s the direction here because if he’s going into another match with Neville, I don’t see any benefit of him losing this way.

In The Arena: Kurt Angle comes to the ring surrounded by the “You Suck” chants, the GM says he’s a little nervous and apologizes for being a distraction recently, explaining that every action has a consequence and he had found out an action from his past had a serious consequence. Angle states that he was worried about losing his family, says the WWE is supportive of his announcement, stating that he dated a young lady while he was in college, recently finding out she had a baby boy after they broke-up. Kurt says he never knew about it, explains the boy was put up for adoption and became a great athlete, as well as a student who wrestled in college. Kurt continues on talking about the boy pursuing his dream as a WWE Superstar, introducing the newest member of RAW and his son, Jason Jordan. The GM starts to tear up and they share a big hug.

Match #5: The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) vs. The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder)
The Hardys ambushes Dash & Dawson as they enter the ring, clear them both out, The Revival regroups and order is restored. Matt & Wilder will begin, Dash quickly reaches for a tag, gets dropped by a right hand, Dawson steps in and gets clocked as well, then driven backwards into the corner. Matt buries shoulders to the breadbasket, Dawson turns the tables for a stiff chop, gets caught by another big fist and Jeff tags in. The Hardys put the boots to Dawson in the corner, Jeff looks to shoot him to the opposite corner, Dawson reverses it, The Charismatic Enigma rebounds right back out and delivers a clothesline. Tag back to Matt, The Hardys drive Dawson spine-first into the turnbuckles, Matt takes him over with a side headlock and we see Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson watching from the back. Dawson finds his footing, grabs a handful of hair to back Matt to his corner, Wilder tags himself in and The Revival pummel Matt in their corner. Quick tag back to Dawson, he peppers Matt with more heavy artillery, Matt battles back, rams Dawson head-first into the turnbuckles numerous times, then squashes him with a corner clothesline. He plants Dawson with a running bulldog for a 2 count, The Charismatic Enigma tags in, The Hardys hit a combination leg drop/splash, Dash comes in to help out, but gets planted by a double wheelbarrow suplex as we hit a break….We come back and Matt starts fighting out of the wrong corner, Dawson makes a blind tag, cuts him down with a dropkick to the knee, then targets the left leg and gets a count of 2. He ties Matt in the tree of woe, The Revival unloads with heavy shots, Wilder re-enters the match, taunts Jeff into the ring and gets shoved to the canvas. The Revival take the opening for more double-teaming behind the official’s back, Dawson tags back in, continues to punish the left knee with a heel hold, gets kicked away and brings Dash back in. He wraps Matt’s knee around in the ropes, keeps working over the bad leg, quick-tag back to Dawson and he does more of the same, then slaps on another heel hold. Matt fights his way out of it, crawls towards his corner, kicks Dawson away multiple times, utilizes a backslide and gets 2. Dawson quickly tags out and Wilder cuts Matt down at the knee again, delivers elbow drops to the joint, Matt avoids one, tries reaching Jeff again, but here comes Dawson off the tag to stop him. He looks to go back to a heel hold and gets kicked away, spills to the floor, Matt drags himself towards his brother, Dash puts Dawson back into the ring and tags himself in. He slides in between Matt & Jeff, gets tossed by a back body drop, The Charismatic Enigma finally tags in and levels Dash with a clothesline, then knocks Dawson off the apron. He splits Wilder with an inverted atomic drop, sweeps the legs for a leg drop to the midsection, follows with a basement dropkick and only gets a 1 count. He goes to shoot Dash to the corner and it’s reversed, Wilder follows him in, eats double boots to the jaw, Jeff goes to the 2nd rope for a splash, but still can’t finish it off. He calls for the Twist Of Fate, Dawson reaches in and grabs a handful of hair, Wilder ambushes Jeff from behind, then drops Matt off the apron. Dawson tags in, The Revival shoot Jeff to the ropes for a double clothesline, The Charismatic Enigma ducks it, Matt drags Dash outside and Dawson gets caught by a schoolboy for a near fall. Both guys pop back up quick, Jeff hits the Twist Of Fate and goes to a lateral press, Wilder slides in to break the count at 2, here comes Matt to drive him to the outside, The Hardys following with Poetry In Motion to Dawson in the corner. Jeff goes up top for the Swanton Bomb, the referee works to get Matt back to the apron, Dash shoves Jeff down to the mat, Dawson stacks him up with a handful of pants and steals the victory.
Winners: The Revival (Dawson/Interference)

  • Off The Top: Great match that should remind everyone just how good The Revival is after being out for a couple of months. The issue with the Tag Team Division remains the same on RAW however and that’s a lack of babyface teams. You really only had Enzo & Cass plus The Hardys, but now that list has been stricken down to two. Yes, I know there’s still Slater & Rhyno, but let’s be honest here, their best days are already behind them as a duo. Hell, you could have brought American Alpha over since they weren’t being used on SmackDown Live, but now they’re split-up too! What’s going on around here?!?!

Backstage: Charly Caruso welcomes in Samoa Joe, The Destroyer claims he’s not the type of man who possesses quams, says Roman Reigns is a world-class athlete, but believes his perspective is skewed. Joe thinks Reigns is making a mistake by treating him as a mere obstacle, calls himself a force of nature and can’t be stopped on his way to “slaying The Beast”.

Backstage: Akira Tozawa ices his shoulder in the locker room with Titus O’Neil, The Real Deal wants Tozawa to hear him out, but The Stamina Monster explains that he never quits. Titus tells him it was a long-term decision, wants him to understand he was thinking about the Cruiserweight Title, Akira says he wants a match against Ariya Daivari on 205 Live tomorrow, then walks off.

Match #6 is a WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe
Collar & elbow tie-up to begin, both guys jockeying for position, Roman gains a side headlock, gets pushed off to the ropes and tries a shoulder block, but neither man budges. Joe hits the ropes and tries again, Reigns rebounds off the ropes, takes a kick to the breadbasket and gets slapped across the face. Samoa Joe goes back to the ropes, The Big Dog follows him in with a misdirection, gets run over by a shoulder block and rolls to the outside. He climbs back on the apron, gets sent back to the floor by an uppercut and we head to commercial….Back from the break and The Destroyer reverses a whip to the corner, charges in with a back elbow, clocks The Big Dog with an enzuigiri, then uses a lateral press for a count of 2. He corners Roman and unleashes a flurry of heavy punches, pulls him out and continues scoring with right hands, Reigns surprises Joe with a schoolboy for a quick 2 count, hits the ropes and gets dropped by a back elbow. The Submission Specialist hooks the leg for his own count of 2, wrenches away at The Big Dog’s neck with a chinlock, Roman makes his way back to his feet, Joe delivers a snap suplex and finds another near fall. The Destroyer goes right back to the chinlock to wear him down, The Big Dog battles back to a standing position, levels Samoa Joe with multiple clotheslines, irish whip to the ropes is reversed, Reigns attempts a flying clothesline, but gets caught for a uranage. Roman fights it off, hits the ropes and connects with the flying clothesline for 2, Joe pulls himself up in the corner, gets battered by a barrage of clotheslines, The Big Dog hits the ropes then scores with a big boot. He sets for the Superman Punch and The Submission Specialist rolls to the outside, Roman goes out in pursuit, gets flattened by a clothesline, but comes right back with one of his own and they’re both laid out on the floor as we hit our final break….We return and Joe is putting the bad-mouth on Roman, gets caught by a series of headbutts and right hands, The Big Dog hits the ropes, nearly gets caught on The Destroyer’s shoulders, but slides out. He plants Joe with a Samoan Drop that almost finishes it, calls for the Superman Punch, gets caught by an inverted atomic drop, The Submission Specialist hits the ropes for a big boot, then connects with a senton, but Reigns again kicks out at 2. Samoa Joe hauls him up for a uranage, The Big Dog avoids it again, tries for a back suplex, The Destroyer blocks it, attempts the uranage again, but it’s countered into an arm drag. Both guys are back up quickly, Roman scores with the Superman Punch for a near fall, crawls towards the corner to get back up and Braun Strowman marches down to the squared circle. He drags Joe off the apron to the floor, stares him down and turns to the ring, tries to climb in, but eats an uppercut from The Big Dog.
Winner: No Contest

  • Post-Match: Roman steps out to the apron, drills Strowman with a kick, drops down to the floor and walks into a knee to the ribs, then gets sent into the barricade. The Monster Among Men launches Reigns into the ring from the floor, The Destroyer gets back to his feet, comes face-to-face with Strowman and they unload on one another with right hands. Joe looks to whip Braun into the barricade, The Monster Among Men blocks it, flattens him with a clothesline and steps into the ring. He tosses Roman into the corner, charges in with a splash, bludgeons him with heavy fists, then chokes him with his boot. Samoa Joe staggers into the squared circle, Braun hits him with a splash in the corner, turns to deliver another to Reigns, takes a boot to the jaw and The Big Dog rocks him with an uppercut. The Submission Specialist grabs him and climbs to the 2nd rope to lock on the Coquina Clutch, Roman tries to get back involved, Strowman manages to drop him with a big boot, but Reigns comes right back in with a Superman Punch. The Monster Among Men staggers to the corner and squashes Joe in the process, The Big Dog lines him up, rushes in and gets planted by a spinebuster. Strowman turns to The Destroyer and delivers a Running Powerslam, hauls Roman up for another, starts dragging Reigns to his feet to continue the onslaught, but security comes running down to the ring. The Monster Among Men keeps them out of the squared circle, drives The Big Dog down with a second Running Powerslam and then takes his leave.
  • Off The Top: Very entertaining main event tonight with a very predictable finish, but it still felt exciting. Braun/Roman continues to be arguably the best thing going on RAW and Samoa Joe really cemented himself as a top player with his feud against Lesnar, so combining all three of those individuals here was a recipe for success. It’s been bandied about for a couple of weeks now that the Universal Title could be up at SummerSlam in a Fatal 4-Way and that looks to be the plan here, which I’m all for. The original plan of Strowman/Lesnar would have been great too, but with Joe’s hot streak it’s hard to leave him out in the cold, plus it gives Reigns his “chance”, therefore making it easier to keep him away from the title when he “fails” until WrestleMania.