TD Garden
Boston, Massachusetts
October 30th, 2016
Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves & Byron Saxton

Kickoff Match: Sin Cara, Lince Dorado & Cedric Alexander vs. Tony Nese, Drew Gulak & Ariya Daivari
Sin Cara & Nese to start things off, Tony goes to a side headlock off the opening lock-up, gets pushed off to the ropes and scores with a shoulder knockdown. The Premier Athlete goes back to the ropes, Sin Cara leapfrogs over, ducks a clothesline and springs off the 2nd rope with an arm drag. Nese rolls to the corner, Sin Cara charges in and meets a boot to the jaw, The Premier Athlete rushes out, counters a monkey flip by landing on his feet, springs off the 2nd rope for a crossbody, but gets caught in the air and cracked by a backbreaker. Gulak steps in and runs into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for his troubles, Daivari comes in off the tag and meets the same fate, reverses a whip to the ropes, plants him with a neckbreaker and gets a count of 2. He grounds Sin Cara with a rear chinlock, the masked man works to a standing position, Ariya with a knee to the midsection, shoots him to the ropes and Sin Cara springs off the 2nd rope with a moonsault. Tags on both sides now, Lince comes off the top with a crossbody to Nese, hits the ropes for a running hurricanrana, measures Tony in the corner for a handspring back elbow, then hits the ropes for a spinning heel kick. He heads upstairs and scores with the Shooting Star Press, hooks the leg, Daivari & Gulak hit the ring to break it up at 2. Cedric steps in to even the odds, whips them to the ropes in-sync with Sin Cara, Gulak & Daivari hang on, but get clotheslined over the top to the floor, everybody spilling to the outside. The Golden Lynx goes back up top, jumps over Nese, charges in for a tilt-a-whirl DDT, The Premier Athlete blocks it with brute strength, then dumps him over the top onto everybody on the way to a break….Back from commercial and Daivari gets a count of 2 on Lince, The Golden Lynx fights to his feet, irish whip to the ropes is reversed and Ariya clobbers him with a high knee for another 2. He brings Gulak in, Drew slaps on a reverse sharpshooter, switches to a modified indian deathlock, drags him to his corner and Nese tags in. The Premier Athlete whips Dorado to the ropes, slides outside with a leg trip, springs in from the apron to the 2nd rope for a moonsault and gains a near fall. Gulak re-enters the match, The Golden Lynx battles back, sneaks in a jawbreaker, scores with a hurricanrana for 2, then tags out off the kick-out. Cedric hits the ring with clotheslines for Drew, blocks a kick for a spinning back elbow, irish whip to the ropes is reversed, but Alexander connects with a back handspring enzuigiri. Gulak rolls to the outside, Nese & Daivari meet him for a conference, Lince & Sin Cara step in and all three fly to the outside with somersault planchas and suicide dives. Cedric throws Gulak back in, looks to spring in from the apron, Drew ducks under it, slaps on the Gu-Lock, but Dorado springs in with a leg drop to break it up. Daivari comes in and clocks Lince with a rolling elbow, follows up with a superkick, Sin Cara grabs him from behind and plants him with a schoolboy powerbomb. The Premier Athlete spins Sin Cara around, delivers a sit-out pumphandle facebuster, turns around and Alexander springboards in from the apron with a clothesline. He turns his attention to Gulak for the Lumbar Check, Drew flips out of it, counters a leapfrog with a roll-up for a near fall, charges back in and Cedric hits the Lumbar Check for the win.
Winners: Sin Cara, Lince Dorado & Cedric Alexander (Cedric/Lumbar Check)

  • Off The Top: I love seeing that there’s sometimes multiple Cruiserweight matches weekly on RAW and the division as a whole has been utilized very well. This one is a rematch from last week’s Superstars and had some similarities, but the guys overall did pretty good at changing up the booking of the match. Good way to get the crowd going as well with the high-flying action of the Cruiserweights.

Open: “Evil has awoken. There is no help in Hell. Hell is not below, Hell is above.” Tonight, it’s a Triple Main Event as RAW’s top three titles are defended inside the most demonic structure in WWE history. This is Hell In A Cell.

Match #1 – Hell In A Cell for the WWE United States Championship: Rusev w/Lana vs. WWE United States Champion Roman Reigns
Rusev looks to strike first and it’s blocked, the champion fires back with shots of his own, tries to ram the challenger head-first into the top turnbuckle, but The Bulgarian Brute turns the tables. He buries shoulders to the midsection in the corner, Roman fights his way out, irish whip to the ropes is reversed, Rusev scores with a high back elbow, covers and gets 2. He dumps The Big Dog outside, attempts to ram him into the cell, Reigns puts on the brakes, tries to send the challenger into the steel, but takes a shot to the ribs. The Bulgarian Brute tosses him back inside and puts the boots to the champion, whips him to the ropes, Roman levels him with multiple clotheslines, irish whip back in is reversed, Reigns looks for a jumping clothesline, but takes a kick to the breadbasket. Rusev wants to send The Big Dog back outside, Roman switches the momentum and dumps the challenger out instead, The Bulgarian Brute climbs back up to the apron, but the champion charges in and sends him into the steel. Reigns steps outside and deposits the challenger into the cell multiple times, clocks him with a big boot, goes to pick him back up and Rusev rakes the eyes. He sets to shoot Roman into the steel steps, The Big Dog reverses and introduces the challenger to the steel, goes under the ring and reaches for a table. The Bulgarian Brute grabs him from behind and drives him into the cell, squashes him against the cage with a splash, then bounces him off the ring post. He grinds the champion’s face into the cell, drills him with a kick to the back of the head, rams Roman into the post again and sends him into the ring for a count of 2. The Bulgarian Brute stomps away at The Big Dog, Reigns starts to battle back, irish whip to the corner is reversed, the champion hits the turnbuckle shoulder-first and Rusev covers for 1. The challenger sends him from corner-to-corner and delivers multiple splashes, Roman finally side-steps one, Rusev takes him down with a hip toss, hits the ropes for a diving headbutt, but nobody’s home. The Big Dog hammers the challenger with a barrage of clotheslines in the corner, hits the ropes for a big boot, then measures for a Superman Punch. Rusev sees it coming and rolls to the outside, Reigns rolls out the other side, builds a head of steam for the Drive-By, but gets flattened by a clothesline. The Bulgarian Brute sends the champion into the steps, drives him into the cell, picks up the top half of the stairs and clobbers Roman with it. He smashes Reigns with another stair shot before tossing them in the ring, rolls The Big Dog inside and positions the steps on the top turnbuckle. He looks to ram Reigns head-first into it, the champion blocks and hits big right hands, clotheslines the challenger over the top to the floor, then sends him into the cage with a dropkick through the ropes. Roman rolls out, Rusev surprises him with a kick to the abdomen, picks him up onto his shoulder and launches the champion into the cell. He goes under the ring and pulls out a kendo stick, turns around and gets caught by the Drive-By, Reigns takes ahold of the cane and swings away at the back of the challenger with numerous shots. He drags Rusev into the squared circle and steps in, The Bulgarian Brute kicks the ropes for a low blow, ties Roman up in the ropes and unleashes a flurry of kendo stick shots to the ribs, then snaps it over his knee. He hits the ropes, The Big Dog explodes free with a clothesline for a near fall, both guys struggling to their feet and trading punches. Rusev pummels the champion down to the canvas and hits the ropes, Roman catches him for a Samoan Drop, the challenger slips out of it and goes for a kick that misses, The Big Dog trying to take advantage with a Superman Punch. The Bulgarian Brute ducks it and drives him shoulder-first into the turnbuckle, hits the ropes again, the champion pops right back with a Superman Punch that connects, nearly putting it away. Roman pulls himself to his feet and readies for a Spear, Rusev cuts him off with a superkick, sends him head-first into the steps in the corner, quickly covers, but still can’t finish it. The Bulgarian Brute can’t believe it, turns the champion over and locks on The Accolade, Reigns starts crawling towards the ropes, Rusev pulls him back to the middle to reapply the hold. The Big Dog slips away and hits the ropes, runs into a roundhouse kick that sends him to the outside, The Bulgarian Brute climbs out, reaches under the ring for a length of chain, then measures the champion. Reigns meets him with a fist to avoid it, unloads with right hands and tosses the challenger inside, slides in and gets caught with the chain to the midsection, then multiple shots across the back. The Bulgarian Brute rolls outside and sends the bottom half of the steel steps into the ring, picks The Big Dog up and gets cracked by a big right. Rusev bounces him off the stairs, drives him shoulder-first into the steel, drops him with a superkick and covers, but Reigns still kicks out at 2. The challenger drags Roman onto the stairs and picks up the chain, slaps on The Accolade with the chain across the champion’s face, The Big Dog slipping free and plants him with a Samoan Drop on the steps. The challenger finds his footing on top of the steps, Reigns delivers a Spear down to the mat, hooks the leg and retains.
Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: Roman Reigns (Spear)

  • Off The Top: Logical way to open the show tonight, showcasing the least important (for lack of a better term) of your three Cell matches tonight. This one started off a little “ho-hum” and made me find it a little boring, but the violence picked up in what I knew would be a bruising match. No shocker to me that Roman retains, I could see him hanging onto that US strap for quite some time and possibly into WrestleMania. I’m hoping that when Rusev is finally moved away from Roman he can maintain his heat, The Bulgarian Brute has all the potential in the world as long as he’s booked better than when he lost the US Title to John Cena.

Backstage: Tom Phillips is standing by with WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens, The Prize Fighter speaks about Seth Rollins defeating himself and Chris Jericho last week on RAW, but he wouldn’t call him a winner. Perhaps broken is better after he powerbombed Rollins on the apron, KO claiming the last time he did that was to John Cena, who it took weeks to come back. Owens thinks Seth is trying to play the hero tonight against doctor’s advice, but The Architect regaining the championship is just not going to happen. The champion vows to make the Roman Reigns vs. Rusev match look like a cake-walk when he’s finished with Seth, stating he will still be the WWE Universal Champion.

Match #2: Bayley vs. Dana Brooke
Dana pats Bayley on the head and gets pushed away, ducks under a lock-up and gains a waistlock, standing switch from Bayley, Dana reaches the ropes, but doesn’t break clean. She slams Bayley down by the hair and starts toying with her, Bayley fires up and drives her face-first multiple times into the turnbuckles, delivers a dropkick to the back, lateral press and a count of 2. She picks Dana up and gets shoved to the corner, Dana charges in and meets a back elbow, Bayley to the 2nd rope and comes off with an arm drag. Dana pulls herself up in the opposite corner, Bayley rushes in for a splash, gets caught in the air, Dana drop her shoulder-first on the top turnbuckle, then buries stiff kicks to the abdomen. She puts her back in the corner and wraps the arms up in the ropes, Dana goes into a handstand to choke her with the bottom of her boot, Bayley charges out, but gets flattened by a clothesline for a 2 count. Dana staying aggressive on the arm, uses the ropes to keep the pressure on, puts the boots to Bayley in the corner, then goes back to the injured shoulder. She drives knees into the joint, drives her knee into the lower back and pulls on the arm and leg, Bayley counters her way out, but Dana goes right back to the arm. She buries shoulders to the midsection in the corner, tries to go into a handstand and gets kicked away, Bayley comes off the 2nd rope with a basement dropkick, looks to pick Dana up and gets grabbed by the hair. Dana shoots her to the corner and follows in, Bayley slips out to the apron, gets surprised by a forearm shot, Dana tries to send her into the ring post, Bayley blocks, but gets her arm dropped across the top rope. She looks to drag Bayley back inside, Bayley fights her off, drops Dana throat-first across the 2nd rope, steps inside and fires away with left hands. She starts to build momentum with double sledges, shoots Dana to the corner and runs in with a jumping back elbow, tosses her with a snap suplex, then delivers a basement clothesline. Bayley hops to the 2nd rope and connects with a back elbow, sets for the Bayley-To-Belly, Dana with a shot to the bad arm to escape, Bayley quickly goes for it again and hits the for pinfall.
Winner: Bayley (Bayley-To-Belly)

  • Off The Top: Very predictable match. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but there was nothing really exciting about it either. RAW still has a long way to go in terms of maintaining interest in their Women’s Division if the title’s not involved. SmackDown Live has been so much better at keeping multiple women’s storylines interesting, where RAW’s lack of depth after injuries and suspensions has really hurt them. Bayley will no doubt be a top contender at some point, but this is a good spot for her for the time being. I’m in no rush to vault her into the championship picture.

Backstage: RAW General Manager Mick Foley & RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon are talking about tonight being only their second PPV and it’s been great. Stephanie is reminded of the next PPV Survivor Series, speaking about the 5-on-5 matches against SmackDown Live, as well as Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar. Chris Jericho walks in and tells Steph she should worry more about who will be on their teams at Survivor Series than Goldberg & Brock, Foley interrupting to get Y2J to get to the point. Jericho threatens to to put him on The List for interrupting, then goes back to Steph and believes her first choice for RAW’s team should be himself, then WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens. Y2J wants to be co-captains with Owens, Mick informing Jericho that he should be thinking about his friend making it out tonight in one piece.

Match #3: Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson
Anderson & Enzo to kickoff the action, Anderson strikes quick with kicks and rights at the bell, shoots Amore to the ropes, Enzo explodes into a crossbody and hammers him with fists of his own. He shoots Anderson hard into the corner and tags out, Big Cass comes in and bludgeons him in the corner with the heavy artillery, Smacktalker Skywalker tags back in, Gallows steps inside and Cass launches Enzo into him. They do the same to Anderson in the corner, Gallows & Anderson roll to the outside, Big Cass presses Amore over his head, then drops him over the top into a crossbody. He tosses Anderson in the ring, Karl looks to roll back outside, Enzo gives chase, Gallows makes a tag and drops to the floor, leveling Amore with a clothesline. Gallows throws Enzo in the squared circle and scores with uppercuts, locks Amore in the tree of woe and delivers a dropkick to the breadbasket. He plants Amore with a snap suplex for a count of 2, slaps on a rear chinlock to ground him, Smacktalker Skywalker, works to a vertical base, Gallows goes to the abdomen with a knee, then drops him face-first on the top turnbuckle. Anderson gets a tag and clocks Amore with a bicycle kick from the apron, hooks the leg for a 2 count, then props him on the top turnbuckle for a superplex. Enzo blocks and pushes him down to the mat, comes off the 2nd rope with a DDT, both guys crawling to their corners to tag out. Cass comes in with a shoulder block to Gallows, splashes Anderson in the corner, drops Gallows with a back elbow, then gets clocked by a big boot. Big Cass tosses Anderson back in from the apron and unloads in the corner, Gallows gets involved and punched away, the seven footer with splashes to each of them in opposite corners. Anderson side-steps one, Cass stops himself from hitting the turnbuckles, tosses Anderson over the top, then drops him to the floor with a big boot. Gallows measures Cass for a boot of his own and misses, the seven footer with a body slam, delivers the Empire Elbow, then tosses him with a fallaway slam. Gallows rolls out to the apron, Big Cass charges in for a big boot, Gallows avoids it, Enzo making a blind tag as Gallows & Cass fight to the floor. Anderson rolls into the ring and Amore comes off the top with a crossbody, Gallows slides in from behind, misses a big right hand and Enzo works him over the lefts and rights, then decks him with a fastball punch. He hits the ropes and ducks a clothesline, Gallows surprises him with a big boot, Anderson tags in for the Magic Killer and the 1-2-3.
Winners: Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (Anderson/Magic Killer)

  • Off The Top: This felt like simply a longer RAW match to me. Much like the Women’s Division, RAW has work to do in order to keep multiple Tag Team storylines interesting. Gallows & Anderson have lost so much steam after being defeated in multiple title shots against New Day. While it’s nice that they can get a big win against Enzo & Cass (who are basically teflon), I wonder if Gallows & Anderson will ever be able to build the buzz they had when they first arrived. Right now, it doesn’t look likely.

Match #4 – Hell In A Cell for the WWE Universal Championship: WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins
The bell rings and Owens immediately rolls outside, goes under the ring to look for a weapon, Rollins delivers a dropkick through the ropes, fires away with right hands and sends the champion into the cage. He scores with stinging chops and reintroduces KO to the cell, The Prize Fighter rolls inside to try and get away, Seth slides in and hits more punches. Irish whip to the ropes is reversed, the challenger ducks a couple of shots, plants Owens with a sling blade, hooks the leg and gets an early 2 count. The Architect sends him back to the ropes for a knee to the midsection, snapmares KO over, hits the ropes for a running kick and starts to stomp away. The Prize Fighter battles back with kicks and chops of his own, whips Rollins to the corner and follows in, Seth catches him with a back elbow, comes off the 2nd rope with a blockbuster and gets another 2 count. He heads outside and pulls a table out from under the ring, sets it up at ringside, KO spots it and tries to retreat out the other side. The Architect cuts him off and hits rights and lefts to the breadbasket, irish whip across is reversed, Seth goes hard into the turnbuckles, the champion follows with a running senton to the back, then another. He chokes the challenger in the corner with the bottom of his boot, pulls Seth outside to deposit him into the cell, rips off the therapeutic tape on Rollins’ back, The Architect fighting back, but gets driven back into the cage. The Prize Fighter rams Seth spine-first into the ring post, tosses him into the squared circle for a 1 count, then goes back to the lumbar region with kicks for another count of 2. KO puts him in the corner and starts talking trash, The Architect fires off fists, Owens goes back to the abdomen with a knee, launches him through the ropes and Rollins hits the cage face-first. He rolls out and grinds the bottom of his boot in Seth’s face, rams him head-first into the cell multiple times, sends him into the ring and clobbers him with a corner clothesline. KO measures for another, connects with the Cannonball, The Architect spills to the outside and KO lines him up for another Cannonball, squashing the challenger into the cell. The Prize Fighter throws Seth back in the ring and calls for the Pop-Up Powerbomb, Rollins lands on his feet to counter, connects with a superkick, hooks him for the Pedigree, but it’s countered by a back body drop. The Architect lands on his feet to counter it, drills the champion with another superkick, KO comes right back with one of his own, Rollins explodes up with an enzuigiri, but Owens rebounds off the ropes with a clothesline. The Prize Fighter rolls outside for a breather and reaches under the ring, pulls out another table and slides it into the ring, then notices the other one already set-up at ringside. He props one table angled over the other using the ring apron, climbs back inside and grabs Rollins on the apron, Seth surprises him with a high knee, delivers a vertical suplex on the apron and both guys fall to the floor. The Architect rolls inside, builds a head of steam and flies outside with a suicide dive, quickly slides in for another, then rolls the champion back in. Seth heads upstairs and the champion rolls to the floor to get away, pulls out a fire extinguisher from under the ring, catches Rollins with a shot to the midsection, then accidentally shoots it off in the referee’s face. He throws The Architect into the squared circle, another official helps the referee out of the cage, Chris Jericho comes running down and then locks himself inside the cage with the second referee. Y2J climbs up to the apron, Rollins knocks him off into the cell, turns around, Owens plants him with a package powerbomb, covers and gains a near fall. The Prize Fighter looks to go to the high rent district, The Architect pops up and meets him there for a superplex, KO counters and puts him on his shoulders, Seth slips down to the apron and clocks him with an enzuigiri. He springboards in with a high knee, pulls the champion up for a Pedigree, Jericho tries to intervene and comes off the top, gets surprised by a kick and Rollins looks to Pedigree him. The Prize Fighter stops it with a superkick, positions for a powerbomb through the tables, the challenger avoids it, scores with an enzuigiri, then picks Owens up and powerbombs him through both tables. The Architect rolls the champion back in and goes upstairs, connects with afrog splash, hooks the leg, but Jericho pulls the referee out of the ring before a 3 count. Rollins realizes what happened and goes outside drills Y2J with kicks and fists, drives him head-first into the steel steps, then dumps him on the broken table. Jericho tries to crawl away and gets thrown into the cage, the challenger picks him up for a powerbomb, driving him back into the cell. He climbs back into the ring, KO catches him with a superkick, sends him to the ropes for the Pop-Up Powerbomb, but Seth just barely kicks out at 2. The Prize Fighter is stunned, unleashes a bevy of punches and headbutts, Y2J pulls a chair out from under the ring and rolls in, hammers the challenger with fists and Owens pummels Rollins with chair shots to the back. Y2J heads out to get another chair, Seth sneaks in a kick to KO’s knee, gets ahold of the chair and goes to work on Owens and Jericho, the champion avoids a shot and spikes him on the chair with a DDT. He sits the chairs back-to-back, drives The Architect through them with a powerbomb, goes into a cover and wins it.
Winner and STILL WWE Universal Champion: Kevin Owens (Powerbomb)

  • Post-Match: Jericho & Owens go to leave, Y2J decides he’s not finished, rolls back inside and leaves Seth laying with a Codebreaker.
  • Off The Top: Just as I had suspected/expected, this Cell match was a step-up in terms of entertainment compared to Reigns/Rusev. Brutal bump by Owens through both tables and I commend both guys for the risks they took in this one. No shocker at all to me that Jericho found a way to get involved, if you didn’t see that coming then you must be new to the product. I still think that the tension between those two will continue to mount and they’ll split to feud with each other before Jericho eventually takes anothe hiatus. The only question is, what do you do with Seth Rollins until then? Perhaps he stays intertwined with these two to keep driving a wedge in their friendship.

In The Arena: Our Kickoff panel of Renee Young, Booker T, Jerry Lawler & Lita rundown what we’ve seen so far tonight, then take a look at what’s yet to come still.

Match #5 for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Brian Kendrick vs. WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins
Kendrick avoids the opening lock-up and goes to a waistlock, Perkins counters out with a wristlock, the challenger reverses back with a hammerlock, ducks an enzuigiri and gets a quick 2. They lock knuckles and Kendrick takes TJ down to the mat, The Fil-Am Flash uses a monkey flip, Kendrick tries to utilize one of his own, but the champion cartwheels to counter it. Kendrick quickly looks for a whip to the corner, TJP reverses, charges in, The Wizard Of Odd hops up for a sunset flip, gaining a 1 count. He rushes in and gets tossed by an arm drag, TJ sweeps the legs for a quick cover, Kendrick slips out, sweeps the legs for a cover of his own, Perkins escapes before any count, goes to a mahistral cradle and gets 2. Some pushing and shoving starts, TJP goes to a side headlock, gets pushed off to the ropes, avoids a clothesline and springs off the 2nd rope with a crossbody, then scores with fists to the forehead. Kendrick rolls him away and shoots him to the ropes, The Fil-Am Flash catches himself between the ropes to block, Kendrick feigns charging in, looks for an elbow drop as the champion drops down, but misses the mark. Perkins rolls out to the apron and slingshots in with a somersault senton, looks for the Wrecking Ball Dropkick out to the apron, the challenger slides in to avoid it, knocks the champion to the floor with a kick, then peels TJ’s hand tape off and ties him to the bottom rope. The Wizard Of Odd puts the boots to the champion, plants him with a back suplex, hooks the leg and gets a count of 2 before locking on a cravate to wear him down. TJP works his way up, counters out with a neckbreaker, both guys pulling themself up, Perkins ducks under a couple of shots and goes to the knee with a dropkick. He charges the challenger in the corner and gets elevated over the top, lands on his feet on the apron, buries a shoulder to the breadbasket, springboards in with a dropkick and Kendrick spills to the outside. The Fil-Am Flash flies to the outside with a corkscrew crossbody, rolls Kendrick back inside and rushes him in the corner, gets surprised by a knee to the breadbasket, but comes right back with a kick. He hits a snap suplex, hangs on to follow with a back suplex, ascends the corner to the top rope, but gets caught in mid-air by a dropkick for a near fall. Kendrick clobbers him with forearm shots, TJP comes back with an enzuigiri, the challenger stays in it with a big boot, but gets clocked by a spinning back kick. The champion connects with the Detonation Kick and almost finishes it, TJ springs out to the apron with a Wrecking Ball Dropkick, looks to go into a wheelbarrow for the TJP Clutch, Kendrick blocks it, spikes him with a leg-capture back suplex, almost winning it. He picks the champion up on his shoulders and Perkins slides out of it, grabs a double chicken wing, tries for the gutbuster, but the challenger rolls through it and locks on the Captain’s Hook. The Fil-Am Flash switches the weight into a cover for 2, Kendrick quickly goes to the back of the head with elbows, sets for a suplex, Perkins counters and hooks on the TJP Clutch, but Kendrick makes it to the bottom rope. The champion measures Kendrick for a fist in the corner, the challenger avoids it and delivers a reverse STO into the 2nd turnbuckle, positions for Sliced Bread #2, TJ counters, but Kendrick tweaks his knee and drops to the canvas. The referee backs the champion up and checks on Kendrick, Perkins tries to help him up, Kendrick surprises him with a headbutt, slaps on the Captain’s Hook and we have a new champion.
Winner and NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Brian Kendrick (Captain’s Hook)

  • Off The Top: Not as good as their other matches and the crowd was pretty dead for this one. I called Kendrick walking away with the title so that part of it doesn’t surprise me. There are so many guys with potential in the Cruiserweight Division and most of them seem to be babyfaces like Cedric Alexander, Rich Swann, Lince Dorado….so it only makes sense for a heel to carry the title. I foresee TJ getting a rematch and then Kendrick moves on, has a nice little run before ultimately dropping the championship to Cedric.

Backstage: Sheamus is preparing for their match when Cesaro walks in and offers him a gift. The Celtic Warrior tells Cesaro he did great last Monday and the rate they are going they could be champions, stating that he couldn’t stand him when Mick Foley put them together. The Swiss Superman laughs and was thinking the same thing, The Great White says if he follows his lead they will walk out with the titles. Cesaro believes Sheamus should follow his lead and the bickering and arguing starts.

Match #6 for the RAW Tag Team Championships: RAW Tag Team Champions The New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods) w/Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus & Cesaro
Xavier & Cesaro will begin, The Swiss Superman takes Woods down with a waistlock off the opening tie-up, Xavier coutners to one of his own and works to his feet, gets pushed away to the ropes, ducks a couple of shots and scores with a headscissors takedown. Cesaro falls throat-first across the 2nd rope, Woods delivers a dropkick to the back for a count of 2, rolls out to the apron, Sheamus knocks him to the floor with a cheap shot and The King Of Swing wonders what happened. The Celtic Warrior tags himself in, drops down to the floor to deposits Woods into the barricade, rolls him back inside and ties him up in the ropes for the Beats Of The Bodhren. The Swiss Superman tags himself in, clocks Xavier with a running uppercut for a count of 2, Sheamus then tagging back in for an uppercut in the corner. Cesaro tags himself in and they trade-off stepping in for uppercuts to Woods, Sheamus has some words for his partner, Xavier avoids an uppercut, brings him down with a backslide and gets a 2 count. The Great White quickly drops him with a big punch and hooks on a rear chinlock, Woods works to his feet and hits a jawbreaker to create some separation, walks right into an Irish Curse and Sheamus gets another 2. The King Of Swing re-enters the match and drops an elbow for another 2, goes into the Uppercut Train, Woods counters one by getting the boot up to the jaw, comes off the 2nd rope with an enzuigiri and both guys reach tags. Big E tosses Sheamus with multiple belly-to-belly suplexes, ducks a clothesline for another, The Great White fights it off, hits the ropes and gets thrown by a belly-to-belly. E hits the ropes for a big splash and sets for the Big Ending, Cesaro hits the ring to make a save and gets dumped to the outside, Xavier steps in and flies over the top to take him out with a somersault plancha. Big E lines Sheamus up and charges him in the corner, The Celtic Warrior side-steps out of harm’s way, hits the ropes for the Brogue Kick, E counters with a powerbomb, covers and almost puts it away. He calls for the Big Ending again, Sheamus slides out of it, plants him with a tilt-a-whirl powerslam, drapes the arm over, but only gets 2. E pulls himself up in the corner, The Great White charges in with a shoulder to the midsection, Woods makes a blind tag, comes off the top with a crossbody, Sheamus reverses the momentum into a pinning predicament and almost steals it. He quickly powers Woods up for White Noise and another near fall, the crowd starts to frustrate him and he goes for the Cloverleaf, but gets kicked to the corner. Cesaro tags himself in, Xavier rushes in and gets surprised by a rolling fireman’s carry, The Swiss Superman comes in with a double stomp to the gut, lateral press, but he still can’t put it away. He grabs Woods by the legs for the Swing, Xavier scurries towards the bottom rope and kicks him away, delivers an enzuigiri from the apron, clocks Sheamus with a superkick and then goes to the top turnbuckle, walks out to the middle and drops an elbow for a near fall. He picks Cesaro up and reaches for a tag, The Swiss Superman uses his strength to prevent it, knocks E off the apron with a boot, pummels Woods with a series of uppercuts, then goes into the Swing. He hooks on the Sharpshooter, Big E rolls back in and throws him into the turnbuckles with a belly-to-belly, drags Xavier to the corner and tags in. The champions set for the Midnight Hour, Sheamus comes in and knocks Woods off the top, looks for a Brogue Kick to Big E, misses and nails Cesaro instead, then gets clotheslined to the outside, E spilling over the top with him. Woods crawls back into the ring and covers Cesaro, The Celtic Warrior just makes it in to break the count at 2, knocks E off the apron with a right, tosses Xavier to the outside, then goes upstairs. The Great White launches himself onto New Day to take them out with a crossbody, the official starts to count, Woods makes it in just in time as Sheamus tosses Cesaro into the ring. Xavier lines him up for the Honor Roll, Swiss Superman picks the leg, locks on the Sharpshooter, drags him to the center of the ring, Sheamus stops Big E from getting in the ring and decks him with Francesca II. The Great White tries to clobber Kingston, Kofi ducks it, drills him with Trouble In Paradise, the ref sees it and calls for the bell.
Winners: Sheamus & Cesaro (Disqualification)

  • Off The Top: I thought for sure that we were going to see new Tag Team Champions tonight. I still firmly believe that Gallows & Anderson should have taken the titles off of New Day because it made the most sense, therefore it would have been no surprise to me if this odd couple of Sheamus & Cesaro finally ended New Day’s reign. I’ve said this multiple times now, but RAW’s Tag Team Division is so weak right now. Honestly at this point, I think New Day should just hang onto the titles until WrestleMania and pit them in a big babyface showdown with Enzo & Cass.

Match #7 – Hell In A Cell for the RAW Women’s Championship: Charlotte vs. RAW Women’s Champion Sasha Banks
Charlotte blindsides Sasha as the cell lowers, tosses her to the outside, rams her face-first off the announce table, then looks to tosses her over the barricade. The champion turns the tables and throws Charlotte into the crowd, hops the wall and attempts to ram her into a chair, The Queen blocks and returns the favor, both ladies exchanging blows before Banks sends Charlotte back towards ringside. She clears off one of the announce tables, Charlotte pushes her away and starts to climb the cage, The Boss goes up after her, drives The Queen face-first off the cage and she falls to the floor. Charlotte pulls herself up, catches the champion climbing down, delivers a powerbomb through the announce table and referees come around to check on her. The official has to keep Charlotte away, The Boss fights to pull herself to her feet, stumbles around ringside with help from the referee and he finally calls to the back for EMTs. Charlotte rolls into the ring and calls for the title to be given to her, Sasha in tears as EMTs put her in a neckbrace and place her on a backboard. Jojo announces that Charlotte is the winner due to forfeit and new champion, Sasha rolls off the stretcher, enters the cell and the bell finally rings. Charlotte reaches out the ropes to grab her, The Boss drags her to the outside, drives The Queen into the cage, chases her into the ring and unloads with right hands. Charlotte rolls outside and wants out, Banks goes after her and scores with chops, The Queen looks to crawl back inside, Sasha gets ahold of her by the foot, but gets pulled face-first into the ring post. The challenger slides back out and monkey flips the champion into the cell, tosses her into the squared circle, hooks the leg and gets a count of 2. She buries knees into the spine, twists her up in the ropes to keep wrenching on the back, Charlotte with a snap suplex to send her into the turnbuckles, covers and gets another 2 count. She picks the champion up and looks for a t-bone suplex, Banks slips out of it, cracks her with a Backstabber, slaps on the Bank Statement, Charlotte powers up to her feet, dumps her over the top and Sasha falls to the apron, then the floor. The Queen rolls out to throw her in the ring, reaches under the apron and pulls out a chair, tries to climb back in and The Boss hits her with multiple baseball slides, then flies through the ropes with a suicide dive. The champion sends the challenger into the squared circle, slides in and grabs the chair, sits it up in the middle of the ring, but gets surprised by a kick to the midsection. Charlotte looks to drive her face-first into the chair, Sasha blocks it and tries to return to the favor to no avail, the challenger fires away with knife-edge chops in the corner, climbs to the 2nd rope and poses for the people. Sasha sweeps the leg to drop her face-first on the top turnbuckle, unloads with a flurry of fists, Charlotte kicks her away, charges out and runs into a drop toe hold, falling face-first on the chair. Banks rams The Queen over-and-over again into the chair and hits the ropes, Charlotte picks her up and drops her spine-first on the steel with a side suplex, hooks the leg and gets a near fall. The Queen rolls outside and drags Sasha under the bottom rope in the corner, twists her up around the ring post to punish the back further, gets a little too cocky and Banks kicks her in the back of the head. The Boss runs at Charlotte and gets elevated into the cage, Sasha clutches on, jumps off with double knees and lays the challenger out. Both ladies struggle to their feet, The Queen tries to connect with a big boot, Sasha blocks it, delivers a kick of her own, whips the challenger into the cell, then squashes her into the cage with multiple running knees. She tosses Charlotte inside, measures her in the corner for more double knees, hits her with the Three Amigos in honor of Eddie Guerrero and goes to the high rent district. The Boss connects with a frog splash that almost finishes it, goes right into the Bank Statement, Charlotte drags herself under the bottom rope to the outside to get away, kicks Sasha from the apron, but gets caught with knees to the abdomen stepping back in. The champion planks her across the 2nd rope in the corner, planks the chair across the ropes below her, drives Charlotte down with double knees, covers, but still only gets 2. The Queen rolls to the outside and Sasha reaches out to grab her, the challenger pulls her out and drops her face-first off the steel steps, tosses her into the squared circle, then goes under the ring and pulls out a table. She stands it up at ringside and climbs up to the apron, pulls Banks up to the 2nd rope for a superplex, The Boss blocks it, smashes her with knees, then kicks the challenger down through the table. The Boss drags Charlotte up and puts her in the ring for another count of 2, Sasha rolls back out and gets another table, slides it into the ring, The Queen grabs it and pushes it back out, pinning Banks against the cell. She sets the table up in the ring now, the champion slowly makes her way back in, bounces Charlotte face-first off the table, climbs on top of it and jumps off, but gets caught with a modified backbreaker. The challenger follows it up with a big boot and hooks on the Figure Eight, The Boss reaches for the chair, smacks Charlotte multiple times in the midsection to break the hold, both women struggling to their feet. The Queen clocks Banks with a forearm shot, the champion fires back with one of her own, both of them try another and connect, dropping to the canvas. The challenger pulls herself up and looks for a clothesline, Banks ducks it, hits the ropes and goes into a tilt-a-whirl, tries to bring Charlotte down into the Bank Statement, but it’s blocked and the champion gets cracked by multiple backbreakers, followed by a side slam that almost ends it. She picks The Boss up and places her on the table, slaps her across the face numerous times, goes upstairs, The Boss rolls off the table and delivers shots to the lower back. She positions the table in the opposite corner, pulls Charlotte out for a powerbomb, the champion’s back gives out and The Queen throws her multiple times on the table, hits Natural Selection and gets the 3 count.
Winner and NEW RAW Women’s Champion: Charlotte (Natural Selection)

  • Off The Top: I’m proud of both of these girls, this match definitely reached all the expectations I had for it and they absolutely deserved this spot on the card. I liked the tease of it ending early with Charlotte’s powerbomb through the table in the opening moments, I’m pretty surprised that Charlotte regains the title here though. All the cards were aligned for a big win for Sasha in her hometown, I’m not entirely certain why this championship has been jumping around so much over the past couple of months. Where do they go from here? I can’t imagine Sasha will move on, so perhaps Bayley gets added to the mix and it continues on. RAW just doesn’t have the depth to do much else.

Finisher: From top-to-bottom a fairly entertaining show, but I’ve always felt as though these Cell matches aren’t like they used to be. There’s only so much creatively you can come up with and while they are violent and brutal, the absence of blood is still a big part that’s missing to me. Some of the decisions tonight with the winners were not very surprising and a lot of the matches seemed to be predictable, but Charlotte regaining the title might be the shocker of the night, if you can even call it a shocker. That match will easily be what this event is remembered most for.

3 On Top
1 – Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte
2 – Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens
3 – Roman Reigns vs. Rusev