If you haven’t been on social media recently, you may have missed the news that still has many members of the WWE Universe in a bit of a firestorm as the company cancelled its weekly ‘Talking Smack’ series. The show which aired on Tuesday nights immediately following 205 Live on the WWE Network was a big hit with fans, giving almost an extension of SmackDown Live with a mostly unscripted format. There have been multiple reports since the show was moved to a post-pay-per-view only program that WWE decided to cancel the weekly format due to low viewership, however we now know that’s not entirely the case. According to Justin Barasso of Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard, the decision all lies on WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Reportedly, Mr. McMahon did not like the unscripted nature of the show and felt that it “wasn’t in the company’s best interests”. While it’s not known if this is the sole reason for the cancellation of the weekly program, it’s being said that it at least played a part.