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PPV FLASH: WCW Starrcade ’89: Future Shock – Iron Man & Iron Team Tournaments!

The Omni Atlanta, Georgia December 13th, 1989 Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross & Terry Funk SPECIAL STIPULATION FOR TONIGHT’S ACTION: This is a tournament format. Teams and individuals earn points for each bout. Winning by pinfall earns you 20 points, winning by count out earns you 15 points, a DQ win earns you 10 points and a time limit draw gives 5 points to each side. Match #1: NWA World Tag Team Champions The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott) vs. Doom (#1 – Ron Simmons & #2 – Butch Reed) w/Woman and Nitron Scott and Doom #1 get the...

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PPV FLASH: WWF Survivor Series ’89 – ‘The Thanksgiving Night Tradition!’

Rosemont Horizon Rosemont, Illinois November 23, 2015 Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse Ventura The 3rd annual Thanksgiving tradition the Survivor Series signifies more changes sweeping through the WWF as we head towards a new decade. Randy Savage is our new King after defeating Jim Duggan for the crown and Hulk Hogan is not involved in the main event for the first time in the WWF’s short pay-per-view history. That distinction would belong to the company’s fastest rising star, The Ultimate Warrior. New faces continue to blend in and get rubs from the established, while a legend in Tully Blanchard...

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PPV FLASH: WCW Halloween Havoc ’89 – Thunderdome Cage Match, Luger vs. Pillman!

Philadelphia Civic Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania October 28th, 1989 Commentators: Jim Ross & Bob Caudle Match #1: ‘Captain’ Mike Rotunda vs. ‘Z-Man’ Tom Zenk Rotunda starts the action with a waist lock take down. Collar and Elbow tie up and Zenk catches him in a side headlock. Rotunda runs the ropes but he’s taken down by Zenk’s shoulder block. Another collar and elbow into a side headlock. They run the ropes and Zenk again gets the better of him with a football tackle. The crowd gets behind Zenk and Rotunda paces on the outside. Back into the ring and Zenk...

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PPV FLASH: WWF SummerSlam ’89 – Savage/Zeus vs. Beefcake/Hogan, New IC Champion!

Meadowlands Arena East Rutherford, New Jersey August 28th, 1989 Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Jesse Ventura It’s the 2nd annual summer spectacular, SummerSlam! The WWF looked to capitalize off the movie ‘No Holds Barred’, bringing in the character that played opposite Hulk Hogan in the movie as ‘Rip’. In the film, ‘Rip’ was victorious over Zeus, WWF blending this into their programming as Zeus (‘Tiny’ Lister) came in looking for revenge on Hulk in “real-life”. Zeus would debut in May, attacking the Hulkster before a title defense against Big Boss Man. He would align himself with Hulk’s WrestleMania V opponent...

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PPV FLASH: WCW The Great American Bash ’89 – Flair/Funk, War Games!

Baltimore Arena Baltimore, Maryland July 23rd, 1989 Commentators: Jim Ross & Bob Caudle Match #1 is a Two-Ring King Of The Hill Battle Royal: ‘Hot Stuff’ Eddie Gilbert, Terry Gordy, Scott Hall, ‘Wild’ Bill Irwin, ‘Flyin’ Brian Pillman, Ranger Ross, Sid Vicious, Mike Rotunda, Ron Simmons, Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner, Dan Spivey, ‘Dr. Death’ Steve Williams & ‘Gamesmaster’ Kevin Sullivan RULES: All participants begin in ring #1. You may only eliminate your opponent in this round by throwing them over the top rope and into ring 2. This ring becomes a traditional battle royal in which any top rope...

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PPV FLASH: WCW WrestleWar ’89 – Finale Of The Flair/Steamboat Trilogy!

Nashville Municipal Auditorium Nashville, Tennessee May 7th, 1989 Commentators: Jim Ross & Bob Caudle Match #1: The Great Muta w/Gary Hart vs. Doug Gilbert w/Eddie Gilbert The Great Muta lures Gilbert in and delivers a kick to the mid section. Another karate kick to the chest from Muta before dumping Gilbert outside. Gilbert is thrown face first into the gate. Back to the ring, and they run the ropes. Gilbert is able to land a high cross body and a clothesline. Muta rolls to the floor to regroup. Back in the ring, they lock up and Muta rakes Gilbert’s...

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PPV FLASH: WWF WrestleMania V – ‘The Mega Powers Explode!’

Trump Plaza Atlantic City, New Jersey April 2nd, 1989 Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse Ventura We return to Atlantic City (the first and only time WrestleMania is held at the same venue in back to back years) for the explosion between The Mega Powers! Hulk Hogan & ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage completed their split on February 3rd at The Main Event, as Savage finally became fed up, slapping Hulk during a tag team match against The Twin Towers and viciously attacking him backstage. Hogan had gotten too close to Elizabeth and Savage’s paranoia could no longer be contained, Hulk...

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PPV FLASH: WCW Chi-Town Rumble ’89 – Loser Leaves Town Match, Flair/Steamboat!

UIC Pavilion Chicago, Illinois February 20th, 1989 Commentators: Jim Ross & Magnum T.A. Match #1: Michael ‘P.S.’ Hayes vs. Russian Assassin #1 w/Paul Jones The crowd is firmly behind Michael Hayes. The two lock up and release. Hayes is looking confident. Side headlock applied by the Russian Assassin. Hayes fights back with some body shots. RA tries to leapfrog Hayes, but Michael stops short and lands a right. Michael Hayes with a side headlock of his own. RA is pulling the hair, but having no luck breaking the hold. Shoulder tackle by Hayes but RA follows it with a...

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PPV FLASH: WWF Royal Rumble ’89 – ‘No Partners, 30 Opponents!’

The Summit Houston, Texas January 15th, 1989 Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse Ventura 1989 kicks off the with the 2nd annual Royal Rumble, the first to be broadcast on pay-per-view! For the first time ever, 30 WWF Superstars (as opposed to 20 at the inaugural event on USA Network) compete in the main event Royal Rumble match. Tensions between The Mega Powers have been building and in a match where it’s every man for himself, can Hulk Hogan & ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage co-exist and stop The Twin Towers? King Haku looks to solidify his ownership of the crown...

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PPV FLASH: NWA Starrcade ’88: True Grit – Sting/Dusty vs. Road Warriors, Flair/Luger 2!

Norfolk Scope Norfolk, Virginia December 26th, 1988 Commentators: Jim Ross & Bob Caudle Match #1 for the NWA United States Tag Team Championships: NWA United States Tag Team Champions The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers) vs. Kevin Sullivan & ‘Dr. Death’ Steve Williams The two teams clearly bring diverse styles. Sullivan and Fulton start the match. Sullivan powers Fulton to the corner with chops and punches. Sullivan whips Fulton, but Fulton comes back with a big boot and a near fall. They exchange shots but Fulton takes control. He lands a right to Sullivan and makes the tag...

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PPV FLASH: WWF Survivor Series ’88 – ‘Teams Of Five Strive To Survive!’

Richfield Coliseum Richfield Township, Ohio November 24th, 1988 Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse Ventura The newly reborn Akeem & Big Boss Man have joined forces as The Twin Towers, the next formidable duo looking to surplant The Mega Powers at the top of the WWF. Jake Roberts recently has exposed Andre The Giant’s fear of snakes, showing The Giant to be vulnerable for the first time in his career. The Ultimate Warrior’s Intercontinental Championship run is ongoing, gaining major momentum for the man from Parts Unknown. These rivalries and continued success for the WWF have ultimately put Jim Crockett...

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PPV FLASH: WWF SummerSlam ’88 – New IC Champion, Mega Powers/Mega Bucks!

Madison Square Garden New York City, New York August 29th, 1988 Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon & ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham The WWF continues to add to its pay-per-view line-up and add the pressure to their main competition with the inaugural Summerslam! Jim Crockett Promotions was having success, but they were bleeding out money at twice the rate they were making it. Vince McMahon’s creation of this summer event would help put the nail in JCP’s coffin and soon, Crockett would be forced to sell his company to Ted Turner. Summerslam would continue to keep momentum rolling, after the original plan of...

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PPV FLASH: NWA The Great American Bash ’88 – Flair/Luger, Tower Of Doom Match!

Baltimore Arena Baltimore, Maryland July 10th, 1988 Commentators: Jim Ross & Tony Schiavone Match #1 for the NWA World Tag Team Championships: Sting & Nikita Koloff vs. NWA World Tag Team Champions Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard w/James J. Dillon After the bell rings, all 4 men pair up and brawl. Sting and Koloff clear the ring to the delight of the crowd. The Horsemen return to the ring for round 2. Anderson and Koloff stumble out and Sting almost steals the match immediately with a small package. Anderson ambushes Sting, but he’s met with a dropkick. Anderson rolls...

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PPV FLASH: WWF WrestleMania IV – Tournament To Crown A New Champion!

Atlantic City Convention Hall Atlantic City, New Jersey March 27th, 1988 Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse Ventura The WWF Heavyweight Championship has been vacated and tonight, we hold a 14 man tournament to crown the new champion! February 5th on the first episode of The Main Event (later to become Saturday Night’s Main Event), then WWF Champion Hulk Hogan battled Andre The Giant in the biggest rematch in history. What would ensue during the bout is now known as one of the most controversial finishes of all-time, as referee Dave Hebner’s twin brother Earl, got paid off by Ted...

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PPV FLASH: NWA Bunkhouse Stampede – Hawk/Flair, Steel Cage Bunkhouse Stampede Match!

Nassau Coliseum Uniondale, New York January 24th, 1988 Commentators: Jim Ross & Bob Caudle Match #1 for the NWA World Television Championship: NWA United States Tag Team Champion ‘Beautiful’ Bobby w/Jim Cornette vs. NWA World Television Champion Nikita Koloff A big pop for Koloff at his ring announcement. The two lock up and quickly release. Eaton immediately checks in with Cornette. They lock up a few more times and Eaton works Koloff into the corner before another clean break. The next lock up features brief chain wrestling before Eaton breaks it up in the ropes. At the next lockup,...

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PPV FLASH: WWF Royal Rumble ’88 – Hogan/Andre Contract Signing, Inaugural Rumble Match!

Copps Coliseum Hamilton, Canada January 24th, 1988 Commentators: Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura A concept that was created by WWE Hall Of Famer Pat Patterson, it’s the inaugural Royal Rumble! This was originally not a PPV, but actually a special which aired on the USA Network. It would however, create the 3rd in WWF’s ‘Big 4’ PPV’s and become the annual January tradition that a lot of fans look forward to even more than WrestleMania. A little known fact is that in late 1987, WWF experimented with the Royal Rumble idea, holding one in St. Louis, Missouri that saw...

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PPV FLASH: NWA Starrcade ’87: Chi-Town Heat – Rhodes/Luger, Road Warriors Battle The Horsemen!

UIC Pavilion Chicago, Illinois November 26th, 1987 Commentators: Jim Ross & Tony Schiavone Match #1: ‘Hot Stuff’ Eddie Gilbert, Rick Steiner & Larry Zbysko w/Baby Doll vs. Sting, Michael ‘P.S.’ Hayes & Jimmy ‘Jam’ Garvin w/Precious Sting and Rick Steiner will get this one started. Steiner blindsides Sting with a lariat followed by a shoulder block. On an attempted 3rd attack, Sting issues a drop toe hold and Steiner stumbles through the middle rope onto the floor. As Steiner gets to his feet, Sting launches over the top rope with a plancha. He rolls Steiner back into the ring,...

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PPV FLASH: WWF Survivor Series ’87 – ‘The Biggest Event Since WrestleMania III!’

Richfield Coliseum Richfield Township, Ohio November 26th, 1987 Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse Ventura Piggybacking off the success of WrestleMania III comes the inaugural Thanksgiving tradition, the Survivor Series! This event was used to capitalize off the momentum and rivalry between Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant, beginning the 2nd of what would become the WWF’s “Big 4” PPVs. The concept was to have 5 on 5 elimination matches, giving multiple wrestlers the opportunity to settle or continue feuds and rivalries within one matchup. Vince McMahon would leverage cable companies into showing his PPV and not the NWA’s Starrcade,...

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