If you’ve missed the last few weeks of WWE NXT on the WWE Network, we’ve seen in-depth vignettes detailing NXT Superstar Roderick Strong and his road getting to the company, chronicling his life outside of the ring including the birth of his first child with Marina Shafir, known as one of the “Four Horsewomen” of mixed-martial arts. According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the video packages have been very well received, company officials feeling as if they have made a major difference in the reactions Strong has been getting recently at NXT Live Events. The WWE may be looking to produce more content of a similar nature in the future, believing that it was an “experiment” to see if vignettes could help garner a positive influence on its Superstars. Strong, who made his debut with NXT in the fall of 2016, has been seen by some members of the WWE Universe as a highly talented performer in the ring who may have lacked any kind of a persona, however we could be seeing Roderick receive more of a push due to the success of the vignettes.